Utilities and Infrastructure Monitoring

Our survey systems are designed to fully meet the needs of the operators of the electricity distribution and transmission networks, through a customization process that guarantees the maximum achievable results.

In the survey phase, with systems loaded on helicopters, attention is focused on all those components of an electric line that may undergo, over time, degradation processes caused by atmospheric or electrical phenomena.

All the data collected during an inspection are daily collected for the post-processing phase which results in the creation of reports on all the criticalities detected.

Each frame produced by the sensors is georeferenced, so as to be able to report the exact position of the detected criticality and allow those who will take care of the maintenance, to intervene in the precise place where the problem is present.

Services are performed by using our systemONE multispectral sensors, and all critical issues are detected with high-definition sensors (16, 24 megapixels or higher).

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Rust Detection

Thermal anomalies detection

Infrastructure monitoring

Road monitoring